Bali Grey Stone tiles

Natural stone tiles – Bali Grey Stone

Stone tiles

Marble tile details

Model: Marble tiling Bali Grey Stone
Packaging: crate approx. 1 square meter.
Tile size [cm]: 50×50.
Tile thickness: 18-20 mm.
Single stone size: 7-10 cm.
Stone color: dark grey, pastel ashen, grey, pastel grey.
Application: floor mosaics, stone flooring, paths, terraces and other.

Natural stone solutions

Natural stone tiles Bali Grey Stone will definitely prove in interiors that need unique and natural as well as lasting solutions. Natural tiles look great in stylish interiors, terraces as well as modern interiors or gardens. Bought by those who value classic with a little bit of extravagance in irregular shapes of single stones, thicker and bigger than the ones in our other collections.

Marble tiles in high demand

These unique marble tiles are replacing the popular white ceramic tiles more and more often. Mainly due to their natural charm and individual, on of a kind look that makes any interior stand out and anything but ordinary.

You are more than welcome to contact us and share your vision and expected solutions for your interiors, bathrooms, houses, mansions, restaurant interiors or SPAs. We will save your time by introducing natural stone solutions fitted to your expectations. For our full collection please visit our store or website. Apart from stone tiles, we also offer stone sinks and stone baths to complement our range of natural stone tiles. Our goal is to make your interiors not only luxurious but also unique.