Pebble tiles Bali Black Grey on mesh

Pebble tiling Bali Black Grey – pebbles on mesh.

natural stone flooring

Pebble tiles details

Model: Pebble tiles Bali Black Grey.
Packaging: crate approx. 1 square meter = 11 tiles.
Tile size [cm] : 10×30 and 15×30.
Tile thickness: 8 – 10 mm.
Pebble size: sizes vary.
Pebbles color: ash, dark grey, pastel ashen.
Application: pebble stone tiles for walls, floors, pavements, chimneys, swimming pools, SPAs, bathrooms and other.

Pebble tiles Bali Black Grey is available as tiles in sizes 10×30, 15×30 and 30×30, which is thicker than usual and with more crowned pebbles. Our stone tiles have a very wide application range. Laid down on the floor, they constantly loosen up and relax your feet, massaging them thanks to the natural crowns and surface of the pebbles. Pebble tiling can also be used on walls, shower basins, saunas, SPA interiors, chimneys or swimming pools. Pebble floors Lux4home are carefully selected single pebbles glued to the mesh. Hand assorted and glued, thanks to which the gaps are really small, therefore using grout won’t spoil their natural charm. We also offer stone sinks. With our natural stone tiles and stone basins together, we offer complete solution for decorating bathrooms and interiors.

Also, If you’re looking for a professional opinion about fitting pebble tiles, ask this guy!

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