Pebble tiles Maluku Tan in pastel pink

Pebble flooring Maluku Tan (pebble stones glued to mesh).

pebble tiles

Tile model: Pebble tiles Maluku Tan.
Packing: crate approx. one square meter.
Tile sizes [cm]: 10 x 30 and 15 x 30.
Tiles thickness: 8 – 10 mm.
Single stone size: various.
Pebble colours: cafe au lait, beige.
Application: pebble stone mosaic tiles for walls, floors, pavements, SPAs, bathroom interiors.

Natural stone solutions for bathroom interior

Pebble tiling Maluku Tan are carefully selected pebbles in beige colour, glued to 15×30 or 10×30 mesh, with hand selected stones so the gaps between them are kept to minimum to keep their natural charm. Our pebble flooring tiles are more and more often used in bathroom interiors, showers, floors, ¬†walls and SPAs. Natural stone tiles are great for floor heating, they heat very fast and keep the warmth for a very long time. Fitted on the floor, sometimes they are covered in transparent resin, for interesting three – dimensional effect and perfectly flat surface. The choice of size is also important. Our 30×30 pebble stone tiles are slightly thicker, and single stone are a bit bigger. They also come in wide range of colours and shades. That combined gives us a natural lasting product, which fitted in our interiors keeps them relaxing and enhancing mood.

All of natural stone products from Lux4home passed all european quality and safety standards tests, and the quality of our products is constantly monitored by our employee in Indonesia, supervising the handiwork of indonesian craftsmen.

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