Pebble tiles in variety of colours

Stone tiles in a range of colours to match every bathroom

When designing a bathroom, or any other room at your house, the choice of colour proves to be crucial. That’s why it is important for the general colour to be chosen at the early stage of interior design, to be able to create unified vibe and design across the room or bathroom. Whether you design your bathroom from scratch, or just redesigning an existing one, we have a solution for you and a vast choice of stone tiles, marble tiles and pebble tiles in variety of colours and shades.

Pebble tiles in bright colours

White pebble tiles Pink and white pebble tiles White and grey pebble tiles

Pebble tiles in bright colours are one of our best selling products among stone tiles. This may be due to light pastel shades of tiles being universal and versatile, resulting in them matching most of designs. Of course, not everyone likes bright, pastel colours, and for those customers we have pebble tiles in dark shades, as well as black and grey colours.

Pebble tiles in darker shades

Black pebble tiles Tan pebble tiles White and green pebble tiles

Pebble tiles in darker shades are for those of you looking for something different, looking for tiles unique and original in colour, shape and material they are made of. Apart from bright pastel ones, Lux4home offers pebble tiling in black, grey, tan, green or even pink, to name just a few. The variety of shades and colours of our stone tiles ensures each of our customers will find exactly what their were looking for, plus with so many options we are certain our tiles will match each and every design, even in case of replacing a few elements in bathroom, as opposed to general design from scratch.

Where to find complete catalogue of stone tiles?

If you are interested in our stone tiles, pebble tiles, marble tiles, natural stone tiles, or maybe our range of stone sinks and stone basins complementing our range of tiles, you can browse our entire collection on our website. Please find the address under ‘contact’ tab at the top of this page. Alternatively, with any questions or doubts, please write to us at