Pebble tiling – Panu natural stone tiles

Natural stone tiles Panu – mosaics tiles made of pebble stones.

pebble tiles

Mosaic model: Pebble tiling Panu
Packing: crate approximately one square metre.
Tile sizes: 10×30 cm, 15×30 cm.
Tile thickness: 8 – 10 mm.
Single pebble stone size: various.
Pebbles colour: mix of colours.
Application and usage: pebble tiles for floor, walls, flooring, chimneys, pavements, swimming pools, SPA furnishings, bathroom interiors etc.

Pebbles for bathroom and interior design

Pebble tiles Panu (pictured are pebbles dipped in water) are mixed but unique single pebble stones on mesh tiles. Pebbles stones can act as supplement for interior decorating – be a decorative element or, as often done, fill the whole surface of walls, floors, swimming pool steps, SPA or sauna. They main properties are everlasting naturalness, crowned pebbles massaging your feet during walking on tiles barefoot, durability and uniqueness.

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