Pebble tiles Pink Timor for bathrooms and interiors

Pebble tiling Pink Timor (pebble stones on mesh – tiles) Mosaic model:Pebble tiles Pink Timor. Packing:crate approximately one square metre. Tile sizes:10×30, 15×30 cm. Tile thickness:8 – 10 mm. Single stone size: various. Pebbles colour: bright pink. Application and usage: pebble flooring for walls, floors, pavements, chimneys, swimming pools, SPA furnishing, bathroom interior, bathroom furnishing […]

Bali Grey Stone tiles

Natural stone tiles – Bali Grey Stone Marble tile details Model: Marble tiling Bali Grey Stone Packaging: crate approx. 1 square meter. Tile size [cm]: 50×50. Tile thickness: 18-20 mm. Single stone size: 7-10 cm. Stone color: dark grey, pastel ashen, grey, pastel grey. Application: floor mosaics, stone flooring, paths, terraces and other. Natural stone […]