Why choose stone tiles for your bathroom?

Pebble tiles getting high in demand Refurbishing your bathroom? Looking for interior design ideas? Tired of common designs and solutions? Well my friend, you’re in the right place! Bathroom ideas & natural stone tiles Let’s face it – we see ceramic tiles in 95% of bathrooms, and white ceramic tiles in 70% of them, that’s […]

Stone tiles – cut stone mosaics Sesek Style – Bali Green Sand Stone

Stone tiles – sandstone¬†– Bali Green Sand Stone made of sandstone. Tile model: stone tiles Bali Green Sand Stone Packaging: crate approx. one square meter. Single tile size: 300 mm x 300 mm. Single tile thickness: 9 – 10 mm. Single stone size: 30 x 60 mm Single stone colour: pastel green, dark grey, green. […]