Stone tiles – cut stone mosaics Sesek Style – Bali Green Sand Stone

Stone tiles – sandstone – Bali Green Sand Stone made of sandstone.

natural stone tiles

Tile model: stone tiles Bali Green Sand Stone
Packaging: crate approx. one square meter.
Single tile size: 300 mm x 300 mm.
Single tile thickness: 9 – 10 mm.
Single stone size: 30 x 60 mm
Single stone colour: pastel green, dark grey, green.
Application: floors, parquet floors, paths

Green sandstone tiles

Natural stone tiles Bali Green Sand Stone with their dark green tint and  lightly rough surface definitely don’t suit every interior. With their uniqueness, uncommon stone color and shape, they perfectly suit stylish house interiors, restaurants, hotels or SPA resorts, adding up to their charm and value with naturalness. Stepping barefoot on natural stone floor gives you a wide range of positive sensations you will never get from ceramic products.  In our collection of natural stone tiling, tiles and parquets we give you products with various colors, stone types and shapes to choose from. Alongside our stone tiles, we also offer stone sinks, stone basins and stone baths and pebble tiles to complement the range of natural stone tiles and to offer a complete solutions for luxurious bathrooms.

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