Natural stone tiles Black Candi lava stone

Stone tiles made of lava stone.

natural stone tiles

Mosaic model: cut stone tiles Gedek Style – Black Candi.
Packaging: crate approx. one square meter.
Tile sizes: 300 x 300 mm.
Tile thickness: 9-10 mm.
Single stone size: 25 x 75 mm.
Stone color: black, dark grey.

Mosaics and tiles for this model are also available in different colors and shapes of stone.

Lava stone tiles for interiors

Because of how single elements of this stone mosaic are put together, they should be used and fitted on floors. Because lava stone has small micro cavities approx. 1mm in diameter, the tiles are not suitable for fitting outside. Lava stone mosaics and tiles are so rare on the market that ready products are some kind of curiosity and mystery.

Lava stone tiles are just as lasting and durable as marble tiles or pebble tiles.

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