Stone tiles – Allur Style – Black Candi

Stone tiles Р Allur Style РBlack Candi made of lava stone.

stone tiles

Mosaic tile model: Allur Style Black Candi.
Packing: crate approx. one square meter.
Tile size: 30 x 30 cm.
Tile thickness: 9-10 mm.
Single stone size: varies.
Single stone colour: black, pastel black, grey.
Application: Floors, walls and other.

Lava stone ideas for bathroom

Natural cut stone tiles flooring Allur Style Black Candi are made of very uncommon lava stone. A little bit rough, with tiny little cavities, it emphasises uniqueness and style of the interior. ¬† Because of the micro cavities, this mosaic tiles should be used indoors, so that the freezing water wouldn’t flake off the stone. Not exposed to frost (tiles handmade in Indonesia), lava stone is very lasting material, and its naturalness will serve you for years to come!

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