Pebble tiles Oase – green stone tiles

Pebble tiles (pebble stones glued to the mesh).

pebble tiles in green

Mosaic model: Pebble floors Oase.
Packing: crate approx. one square metre.
Tile sizes: 10×30 and 15×30 cm.
Tile thickness: 8 – 10 mm.
Single stone size: various.
Pebbles color: green, white, cream, grey.
Application and usage: pebble tiles for walls, floors, pavements, chimneys, swimming pools, SPA resorts, bathroom interiors furnishings.

Pebbles and bathroom design ideas

Pebble tiling Oase are a mix of single pebble stones in various shades and colors – green, grey, cream and white. Each pebble stone is carefully selected and placed by hand, so that the combination of pebbles across different tiles was similar. This tile model is available also as tile in size 30×30 cm, where single pebble stones are slightly bigger and thicker. Among our customers there are two main trends – first to leave pebble natural stone tiles in their natural form, and second to fill in the gaps and cover the pebbles with transparent resin, creating perfectly flat surface. Laid on the floor to shape a path, or filling the entire floor, they gently massage your feet. That is why they are popular as swimming pools surroundings, in SPA resorts furnishings or saunas.

Lux4home brings to the market luxurious stone tiles flooring. All our products originate from Indonesia, where they are handmade, and pass all european CE quality and safety standards. Our constant production control guarantees products up to our clients’ expectations and standards of their interiors.

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