Natural stone tiles Aberdeen Grey

Stone tiles Aberdeen Grey made of marble

marble tiles

Model: Marble flooring tile Aberdeen Grey
Packaging: crate approx. 1 square meter.
Tile size [cm]: 30×30.
Tile thickness: 9-10 mm.
Single stone size: vary.
Stone color: dark grey, pastel ashen, grey, pastel grey.
Application: wall tiles and mosaics, floors, pavements, chimneys, swimming pools, SPAs, bathrooms, terraces and other.

Popular marble tiles solutions

Marble tiles Aberdeen Grey made of marble are one of our most popular marble tiling for decorating exclusive, luxurious interiors, SPAs, terraces or swimming pools. Mainly because not only velvet look of smooth but not polished marble but also irregular and unique shape of tiles 30×30 perfectly matching each other, making them seamless, so the gaps are invisible. Stone color makes the tiles ideal to match to various color concepts in classic and modern interiors. As all the products made of natural stone, they are unparalleled when it comes to lasting and have unmatched charm.

Our offer – natural stone

If you are looking for solutions for your modern and luxurious interiors other than the ones shown in our little gallery or you would like to obtain some more information regarding products presented here, please contact Lux4home. We are certain that among over a thousand products made of natural stone we will choose together the ones exactly matching your expectations. Apart from stone tiles and pebble tiles, we also offer stone sinks and stone baths to complement our range of natural stone tiles.

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