Stone tiles Island Mix made of marble and onyx

Natural stone tiles Island mix made of marble and onyx

marble tiles

Model: Marble tiles Island Mix
Packaging: crate approx. 1 square meter, 22 or 33 tiles.
Tile size [cm]: 10×30, 15×30 and 30×30.
Tile thickness: 9-10 mm.
Single stone size: vary.
Stone color: crystal, honey, light yellow, pastel orange, cream, white.
Application: wall tiles and mosaics, floors, pavements, chimneys, swimming pools, SPAs, bathrooms and other.

Ceramic tiles alternative

Marble tiles Island mix 15×30 are available also as Island Mix 30×30 mosaics. Narrow tiles are used as supplement or decorative elements like vertical or horizontal stripes on walls and floors. Stone is one of the most lasting, timeless and exclusive decorating materials. Marble tiling begin to be used more and more often not only as its basic form, but also as a decorative element of fencing, stone walls, floors, terraces and more. Stereotypes about stone being cold and raw are debunked by warm colors, beautiful streaks and exciting feel of the surface. Island Mix collection consists of irregular polygons of marble and onyx glued to mesh tiles.

Natural stone for your interiors

We are ready to equip your interior, terrace, SPA interior, hotel or mansion in luxurious natural stone products. Our collection of over 1011 hand made pebble tiles, stone sinks, stone baths, stone walls, cut mosaics flooring or stone carpets is surely wide enough to cover your expectations and together find a suitable solution for your walls, floors, bathrooms and interiors.

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