Pebble tiles Pink Timor for bathrooms and interiors

Pebble tiling Pink Timor (pebble stones on mesh – tiles)

Pebbles tiles in pink

Mosaic model:Pebble tiles Pink Timor.
Packing:crate approximately one square metre.
Tile sizes:10×30, 15×30 cm.
Tile thickness:8 – 10 mm.
Single stone size: various.
Pebbles colour: bright pink.
Application and usage: pebble flooring for walls, floors, pavements, chimneys, swimming pools, SPA furnishing, bathroom interior, bathroom furnishing etc.

Decorative and massaging pebble tiles for bathroom

Pebble tiles Pink Timor made of pebbles are single pebble stones in bright pastel pink colour glued to the mesh 15×30 or 10×30 cm. They perfectly fit on walls, floors, steps and other surfaces inside and outside of exclusive interiors, which lack natural decorative elements. Fitted on floors or in showers in bathroom interiors, they gently massage your feet during walking barefoot.  It is also possible to cover pebbles tiling in transparent resin to create perfectly flat surface. In Pink Timor collection available are also tiles 30×30 cm, as well as pebble tiling – a gapless alternative that require no grout at all, as the pebble stones are fitted so close tohether that there are no gaps between them at all.

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